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Elastomeric Roof Coating for  EPDM & CSPE, EPDM Roof Leak Repair 

We can also repair just about any kind of EPDM or CSPE Rubber roof as well with the use of various elastomeric roof coatings.  In addition to have your roof surface restored you will also benefit from significant energy savings, you building will be cooler and will require less energy during the hot summer months.

EPDM and CSPE roof sysytems have been a proven roof shelter system for the last 30+ years.  Inadequacies in earlier membranes have been greatly improved.  Weather effects such as UV Damage, weather and temperature shifts have taken a toll on the older systems out there and they need to be cared for so the life of the roof will be extended for years to come  without the high cost of replacement.

Generally the first thing to fail on a EPDM roof or a CSPE roof are the seams, Over the years the adhesive boding the membrane eventually fails which allows water to enter you roofs substructure.  Then from there it will work its way through the substructure and into your building damaging interior structures and expensive equipment.

If you notice any leaks at all you must quickly address them, waiting too long on this roof type may make it an untreatable roof resurface, which would result in a tear off and replacement on your existing roof which could coat you hundreds of thousands pending your roof size.




Phase 3
Phase 2
Phase 1
EPDM Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems
Phase 1
Phase 1
Phase 2

Phase 1
First we remove all chalk, dirt and debris from roof which will promote a strong bond to the new roof coat. 

Phase 2
We go through the entire roof surface a reinforce seams, flashings, cracks and tears.  Then we rework shrinking membranes, stop immidiate leaks, restore membrane intgrity and halt premature deterioration.

Phase 3
We coat your roof to protect against sun, water, weather and high temperatures.  Longer roof life means higher ROI and also is enviromentallly freindly because it has less impact on landfills.