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Elastomeric Roof Coatings For Asphalt Based Roofs, Modified Butimen, Built Up Felt and Asphalt Rolled Roofings
Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Coating Topps Seal's amazing stretch demonstrated

We can also restore and renew all of your asphalt roofs as well to a like new condtion free of leaks and sealed for many years to come.  We can use a wide variety of products to fit your budget needs.

The prefered method for best performance is the use of  Elastomeric Roof Coatings, is sometimes referred to as a spray or pour in place "Liquid Rubber" roof cap. The Elastomeric Roof Coating adheres to all shapes, curing to a tough, seamless, elastic rubber membrane that wraps the entire roof structure with a weather-repelling barrier. It stretches and moves with the roof even during extreme temperature swings - then recovers 100% with no peeling or chipping. It is the strongest product on the market with a minimum of 1500 psi.

This easily applied elastomeric rubber roof coating is made from blended and modified rubbers, pure non-yellowing titanium dioxide, and UV inhibitors ensure color stability and performance in all climates. It is available in energy-efficient reflective white for a "cool roof" as well as a variety of metallic colors.

In addition to sealing your roof you will also enjoy a noticeable difference in roof temperatures, therefore saving you money in your energy bill.  White elastomeric Roof Coatings reflect up to 95% of all three light types, Visual Light, UV, and Infared.  Roof Surface temperatures may be cut 50% to 70%, which will result in less heat transferring into your building.

Asphalt Fibered Roof Coatings

We also offer very durable asphalt fibered roof coatings as well for Asphalt Roofs.  They come in black or silver.  They are very good at restoring your roofs oils that are lost after years of weathering.

The fibers in these coatings form bridges over cracks and holes in the surface.  It is very inportant to use a fibered roof coating, they are much more effective than non fibered versions.

These coatings are very good at sealing open cracks and holes in your roof surface and are cheaper than elastomeric roof coatings.  In order to benefit from energy savings from this type of coating you can order them with a silver top coat, that will reflect a good portion of the suns harmful rays,

Asphalt Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems